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    Journal of Bionic Engineering

    作者:核心期刊目錄查詢 發布時間:2017-11-18

    《Journal of Bionic Engineering》(季刊)(《仿生工程學報》)創刊于2004年,是中華人民共和國教育部主管、吉林大學主辦的以工程仿生學科為特色的國際性英文學術期刊,是國際仿生工程領域唯一的學術類英文專業期刊。 《Journal of Bionic Engineering》辦

    Journal of Bionic Engineering
    Journal of Bionic Engineering影響因子


    Journal of Bionic Engineering簡介

    《Journal of Bionic Engineering》(季刊)(《仿生工程學報》)創刊于2004年,是中華人民共和國教育部主管、吉林大學主辦的以工程仿生學科為特色的國際性英文學術期刊,是國際仿生工程領域唯一的學術類英文專業期刊。

    《Journal of Bionic Engineering》辦刊宗旨:報道國內外工程仿生學科重要的、優秀的、創新性的研究成果,創刊僅一年,就被AJ和CSA中的多種數據庫收錄。為該領域及相關領域的研究人員提供發表新信息的園地和交流學術思想的論壇,為促進工程仿生研究成果轉化為生產力、加速這一新興、交叉、邊緣學科實現跨越式、突破性的發展服務。

    《Journal of Bionic Engineering》主要報道涉及:仿生科學與工程所有方面的原始論文和綜述。包括動植物仿生工程方面的基礎研究(動物的運動和行為,植物和天然材料的結構、成分、形態和物理特性)以及這些基礎研究在工程、技術和設計方面的應用。

    Journal of Bionic Engineering欄目


    Journal of Bionic Engineering收錄

    CSCD 中國科學引文數據庫來源期刊(含擴展版),EI 工程索引(美),Pж(AJ) 文摘雜志(俄),SCI 科學引文索引(美),統計源核心期刊(中國科技論文核心期刊),

    Journal of Bionic Engineering雜志社介紹

    1. Manuscripts should be written in English. Authors whose native language is not English are strongly advised to have their manuscripts checked by an English-speaking colleague prior to submission.

    2. Manuscripts should be prepared in single column with wide margins and double spacing throughout. Every page of the manuscript, including the title page, references, tables, etc. should be numbered. All variables and Greek letters should be in italic, and all constants should be in Roman. Vectors or matrix variables should be in bold italic.

    3.Title page: This page should contain a concise and descriptive title with no more 80 characters, name(s) of author(s), affiliation(s), city, zip code, country, full telephone, E-mail of the corresponding author.

    4.Abstract: The abstract should be clear, informative and not longer than 300 words to outline the objective, method and main results.

    5.Keywords: Authors are asked to provide 3 to 6 items for cross-indexing of this paper. The keywords should be placed below the abstract with one space line apart from it.

    6.Text: The text should contain an Introduction to put the paper in proper perspective for the audience, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, and Conclusion sections. Section and subsection headings must be numbered in the decimal system

    7.Illustrations: Each illustration must be prepared on a separate page; never embodying the illustrations in the Text.

    8.Acknowledgements: Individuals or groups other than the authors who were of direct help in the work should be acknowledged. Information on research grants should be mentioned here.

    9.References: References should be typed on separate page. All references should be numbered in Arabic numerals according to their sequence in the text and bracketed

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